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Mood Milks – Set of Three


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  • Product Description

      Our trilogy of functional latte powders will set you up for postpartum-approved nourishment all day long. Included is our Chocolate Reishi Mood Milk (ideal for morning), Saffron Turmeric Sun Milk (recommended for midday) and Strawberry Rose Pink Milk (for the evening wind-down). Just add hot water, some fat and sweetener of choice, and blend. One hand friendly.

      Plant based, caffeine, gluten, dairy and sugar free.


      Chocolate Reishi Mood Milk – coconut milk powder*, raw cacao*, reishi*, cinnamon*, maca (gelatinized)*, ashwagandha*, cayenne. 

      Strawberry Rose Pink Milk – coconut milk powder*, strawberry powder*, shatavari*, rose petal powder*, lucuma*, cardamom*.   

      Saffron Turmeric Pink Milk – coconut milk powder*, mucuna pruriens*, turmeric*, ginger*, cardamom*, cinnamon*, black pepper*, saffron. 


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