What exactly are Mood Milks?


Our trilogy of Mood Milks™ are luxurious plant based functional latte powders made with mothers in mind. They are designed for each phase of the day (morning, noon and night) and for creating different moods. They each contain well studied adaptogens, galactagogues, and super herbs to support all things mama.


What are the ingredients in each Mood Milk? 


Chocolate Reishi Mood Milk: Coconut milk powder, raw cacao, reishi, cinnamon, maca (gelatinized), ashwagandha, cayenne.

Strawberry Rose Pink Milk: Coconut milk powder, strawberry powder, shatavari, rose petal powder, lucuma, cardamom.   

Saffron Turmeric Sun Milk: Coconut milk powder, mucuna pruriens, turmeric, ginger, saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper.


Are they organic?  


Each Mood Milk™ is organic, non GMO, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, sugar free, paleo, and sustainably sourced. 


How will it help me? 


During times of vulnerability and stress, the body is in need of warming: warming liquids and foods, warming baths and above all, heart warming. Warm milk (whether dairy, nut or seed based) is particularly soothing for the body and psyche as it activates deep memories of being nurtured by our own mother, father or loved ones when we were babies ourselves, with either breast or bottled milk.

This memory of being cradled and fed sweet, soothing milk still activates that part of our neurobiology that tells our bodies to become calm, grounded, and down regulated. 

Our trilogy of functional lattes have been developed to provide this warmth in a simple and accessible way, whilst leaning on the thousands of years of Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic wisdom that informs and inspires our work at Milk + Seed. 


How is it different than other latte powders?


Each of our Mood Milks™ features a coconut milk powder base, anti-inflammatory ingredients sourced from nature, as well as powerful adaptogens, including milk making shatavari, immune boosting reishi, stamina creating maca and mood boosting mucuna pruriens to support your mood shifts and changing body. We also include natural anti-depressants like saffron, rose petals and cardamom in our potions, because we believe Mother’s medicine is best.


How do I use the Mood Milks? 


Just add water. Really? Really. Each teaspoon of Mood Milk™ contains everything you need to make a latte at home. No need to warm milk or to add anything except hot water and perhaps a little sweetener, and maybe some fat for an extra creamy cup. (We like to blend ours with a teaspoon of ghee or MCT oil.) Mood Milks are crafted so that multiple adaptogenic and mood boosting medicines are delivered in one cup. Easy.


Does the postpartum menu replace all the food for my new family? 


Our offerings are designed specifically for the mother’s wellbeing postpartum, intended to generously supplement your normal food choices, whilst boosting nutrition and making it easier to prepare meals alongside caring for a newborn. We do not intend to replace your family’s everyday comfort foods, nor rewire the way you have been eating through your pregnancy – that can be quite a shock to your personal ecosystem. Instead our core intention is to assist in facilitating your wellbeing and recovery as you integrate the arrival of your newest family member by weaving these healing and nourishing foods into your other meals and foods. 


How long do the meals last?


Meals last up to 5 days in the refrigerator after defrosting, and up to 3 months in the freezer. We recommend freezing the meals that you don’t want immediately and defrosting when needed to extend longevity. 


Can I customize my Postpartum food order?


Given the nature of our boutique, made-to-order offering, we are not able to accommodate bespoke changes to our Postpartum Food Delivery menu at this time. If you have any food allergies, please let us know when placing an order or reach out to support@milkandseed.com. Thank you for your understanding. 


How soon after the birth can we get our order? 


As soon as possible! All of our meals are frozen in advance. Once your order is placed, we have a lead time of 7-10 days, after which before a delivery will be made to your doorstep within 48 hours. If you have a specific date you would like your food to be delivered on, please notify us with this information after purchase. 


What kind of packaging does my food come in? 


All items are packaged in either compostable Kraft 16oz soup cups (meals) or recyclable clamshells (snacks). Deliveries are made in our reusable insulated cold bags packed with gel ice packs.


Can you teach me how to cook like this? 


Yes! Our Postpartum Kitchen Online Apprenticeship takes place twice a year. For more info visit Apprenticeship.