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Postpartum Food Delivery


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      Plant-based organic comfort food for your postpartum window. You'll receive a selection of overnight oats, rice porridges, broths, puddings and snacks created for optimal nourishment and recovery during the first forty days after birth. 

      *We are currently making seasonal adjustments to our menu, and we will not be delivering until the week of October 18th.*

      If you would like your order to arrive on a particular day, please contact us at 

      Once prepared, your order will arrive frozen to the address you provide. Our postpartum meal plans are cooked to order and frozen on site, and therefore highly perishable. As such, delivery is only available to the following California counties: Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties.

      Please note: These meals are designed to support a mother's normal nutritional intake and comfort foods. Changing one's diet dramatically after birth is not recommended, however, adding in multiple layers of functional and comfort foods that may not have otherwise been there. Our aim is to provide a wide spectrum of nourishing foods for postpartum, to support maternal recovery, resilience and wellbeing, long into their future, and beyond.  

      Everything we make is organic and free of gluten, dairy, corn, soy, and refined sugars. We cannot make further accommodations to the menu. If you have food allergies, please email us:

      Food is packed in compostable containers. 

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