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Why Mom Gifts Are More Important Than Baby Gifts

April 10 2020 – Sophie Ward

Why Mom Gifts Are More Important Than Baby Gifts

Why Mom Gifts Are More Important Than Baby Gifts

Babies get so many presents. Designer onesies, rubber pacifiers, pretty swaddle blankets and Sophie the giraffe. These items fill your home during pregnancy and remind you of the angel coming into your life. They also make your baby look very cute for photos. But will Sophie the giraffe comfort your crying newborn at night or rock her in her arms for hours? No. Does a baby really understand what all those gifts are about? Probably not. 

What baby needs the most is mom, some milk, and sleep. What does mom need the most? A whole lot of TLC. She just gave birth to a human. Life will never be the same. No matter if this is her first, second or seventh baby – babies change everything. And most of all, they change mom. Her body, her mind, her daily activities are completely rerouted for this new person on the planet who receives so much more attention than her. It’s time we took care of the woman who created them. 

Are you wondering what to gift a new mother after she has given birth to a human? If you’ve never given birth, you might have no idea what a mom needs postpartum. Isn’t she supposed to just bounce back? No! There is no such thing as bouncing back. Recovery takes time, and tender loving care. Things hurt, she hasn’t slept a full night and probably won’t for some time, her birth may not have gone as planned and most likely she’s learning to embrace her newly shaped body. Did I mention there’s a very needy infant in the house and everything is everywhere? 

Introducing the Mood Box – a gift box just for mom filled with a rainbow of plant based latte powders to support postpartum recovery and health. No nipple cream, no adult diapers, no breast pads. The box features our signature three latte powders: Strawberry Rose Pink Milk, Saffron Turmeric Sun Milk and Chocolate Reishi Mood Milk, all designed to be made with one hand. Just add water and blend!

What baby needs is a boob or a bottle. What mom needs is a moment. Give the gift of wellbeing, comfort and joy to the woman in your life who gave birth to life. She deserves it. The baby has enough onesies. 

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