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    Postpartum recipes to make at home.

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    Learn the art of functional comfort food alongside global traditions of postpartum.


Learn how to cook for postpartum by integrating centuries of global tradition.



A collection of nourishing recipes for mothers during their first 40 days.



What is a Mother Blessing, and how do I lead one?


When women are well, the world is well.


  • Collagen Marshmallows

    Collagen Marshmallows

    I'm convinced marshmallows bring us back to our best core memories. Drinking hot chocolate on a cold day. Someone handing you a hot-sweet-crispy roasted marshmallow by the warmth of a smoky campfire, or finally being old enough to cook one yourself (probably charred black but still tasting like gold.)  Marshmallows bring us a lot of joy. Have you ever made them at home? Now you...

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  • Blackberry Lemon Bircher Muesli

    Blackberry Lemon Bircher Muesli

    “Wonder is the heaviest element on the periodic table. Even a tiny fleck of it stops time.” ― Diane Ackerman When I began thinking about what might be my first recipe to share this year, this one rose to the surface. It’s not surprising at all, because it transcends many chapters of my life: from childhood summers, to starving artist,...

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  • Chicken Nettle Bone Broth

    Chicken Nettle Bone Broth

    While most of us discard the bones of the animals we cook, there is an incredible reservoir of minerals hiding inside these bones. Traditional peoples knew that the bone marrow and bones of an animal was where the gold was, and using small flints and tools would extract the bone marrow (as well as certain organ meats) first. Thankfully, we can turn...

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  • Chocolate Reishi Gheenache

    Chocolate Reishi Gheenache

    This decadent and medicinal chocolate "gheenache" can be eaten with a spoon, used to frost cupcakes, cakes, or spread on toast as a healthier version of Nutella. We always top our Birth Day Cake with this gheenache for an incredible and nourishing treat.    Ingredients:  2 cups ghee 1 cup cacao  ½ cup maple syrup (or to taste)  1 tbsp reishi...

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  • Tri Doshic Kitchari

    Tri Doshic Kitchari

    Kitchari is a cornerstone of Ayurvedic medicine and is considered the traditional cleansing food. We refer to it as tri-doshic as it is said to balance every dosha. The word kitchari itself means "mixture." The kitchari dish itself is usually a combination of a grain and a legume (such as rice and mung dal) in a warm soup with vegetables and...

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  • Why Mom Gifts Are More Important Than Baby Gifts

    Why Mom Gifts Are More Important Than Baby Gifts

    Babies get so many presents. Designer onesies, rubber pacifiers, pretty swaddle blankets and Sophie the giraffe. These items fill your home during pregnancy and remind you of the angel coming into your life. They also make your baby look very cute for photos. But will Sophie the giraffe comfort your crying newborn at night or rock her in her arms...

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