ALL NEW Postpartum Kitchen Online Apprenticeship coming summer '24


My healing journey began when my son was breastfeeding and I found myself completely disarrayed, though head over heels for my child. My search for integration as a mother led me to Peruvian shamanism, functional medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, adaptogens, ritual, manifestation work, and more. 

Over time I began to cultivate a new lifestyle for myself that was built on a strong foundation of traditional foods, slowing down, and what I like to call sensitive resilience. Becoming sensitive enough to my needs in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual domains allowed me to develop the kind of resilience I needed to stand in my power as a mother. 

Our intention is to provide you with these tools too – to mother yourself as you step into mothering our future generations. We feed you, you feed the future. 

With love,