Milk + Seed is a postpartum food delivery and wellness service for mothers and their families. We are passionate about connecting modern women with the wisdoms of the past by embodying the energy of the great grandmother with her traditional recipes, broths, soups and lactation remedies – sprinkled with a little super fancy.

Our specialty is modern medicinal comfort foods: raw chocolate bonbons decorated with edible flowers, black sesame pearl pudding, herbed bone broths and our signature Milk Making Nut Butter Bombs. Having a baby is beautiful event – we want it to feel that way. Let us take care of you, so you can take care of your baby.

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Hi! I'm so glad you found us. My dream is that this offering can support and nourish you in ways you didn't imagine possible. 

My own personal healing journey began when my son was still breastfeeding and I found myself completely disarrayed, though head over heels for my child. My search for integration as a mother led me to Peruvian shamanism, functional medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, adaptogens, ritual, manifestation work, and more. 

Over time I began to cultivate a new lifestyle for myself that was built on a strong foundation of traditional foods, slowing down, and what I like to call sensitive resilience. Becoming sensitive enough to my needs in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual domains allowed me to develop the kind of resilience I needed to stand in my power as a mother. 

Our intention is to provide you with these tools too – to mother yourself as you step into mothering our future generations. We feed you, you feed the future. 


With love,